Rains Retreat + Karma Class from Sugarplum

This double invitation is from Sugarplum Sangha.

90 Day Online Rains Retreat

Sept 16 – Dec 18 Sugarplum joins the Mahasangha in this year’s 90 day rains retreat. For our second retreat of this kind, we’ve added evening practice sessions, a weekly day of mindfulness, and a study and practice series on Right Action: Karma and the Five Mindfulness Trainings to our regular schedule of morning practice session, dharma talk, and 5MT recitation. These 90 days will be an experience of being immersed in sangha to deepen your practice of mindfulness, concentration, and insight, a way of practice that has been integral to buddhist tradition since its beginning. Enter this stream with us and start your journey to the other shore.

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Right Action: Karma and the Five Mindfulness Trainings

Sept 27 – Dec 18

A twelve week live and on-line course exploring and integrating early Buddhist teachings with Plum Village practices. Bundle with the 90 Day Retreat or take it separately.

The Buddha’s teachings on kamma and rebirth have received a mostly mystical treatment among practitioners and commentators resulting in much misconception and confusion about how to apply them in daily life. This course will explore the role of samma kammanto, or Right Action, on the path of liberation and will combine the Buddha’s teachings with evolutionary psychology to provide a rationale for an objective morality and ethic. Rather than being resigned to “your karma”, a close reading of the early discourses show how you can shape your life in the present and future with skillful actions.

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