Ask an OI Member

Got a question about Plum Village practice in Northern California? Ask us here!

The Order of Interbeing, Tiep Hien in Vietnamese, is a community of monastics and lay people who have committed to living their lives in accord with the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings, a distillation of the Bodhisattva (Enlightened Being) teachings of Mahayana Buddhism.

Core members of the Order of Interbeing (“OI members” for short) are people who have publicly committed themselves to these trainings (ordained in a ceremony led by a Dharma Teacher) and, also, to participating actively in the community which practices mindfulness in the Plum Village tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. 

If you’ve been to a Plum Village community event, OI members are the ones wearing brown jackets.

OI core community members can help answer questions you have about Plum Village practices, and may also be able to help plan a Day of Mindfulness, suggest practices, advise you on how to organize a sangha, or provide other help on the path.

If you have a question about the practice or the community, contact Brandy Sacks using the form below.

He will answer your question or connect you with an OI member or lay Dharma teacher who can help.