Email List

The Norcal Sangha email list is for announcements about Plum Village / Community of Mindful Living events in the Bay Area and Northern California.

This list has over 200 subscribers, including people from most (but not all) Northern California sanghas. We encourage subscribers to share any announcements with their sanghas and friends.

If you have news about local sangha events in the Plum Village tradition, this list is a good way to start sharing the news with the community.

If you are part of this community, subscribing to this list is a good way to learn about upcoming events.

There are usually just a few emails per month on this list. There is no discussion here — it’s just for announcements.

If you want to be added to the Norcal list, so you receive announcements about upcoming sangha events, please email, or, if you have a Gmail account, you can sign up here.

If you have an announcement for distribution, please email it exactly as you’d like it to appear to

Due to issues with spam, we now require anyone posting to the list to be a subscriber. If your message follows the guidelines below, we will approve it, and it will go to the entire email list. If possible we will also post it on the news & events page, unless you ask us not to.


To keep the emails relevant to all who receive them, we do not distribute announcements about non-CML/PV sangha events or news. Fundraising emails are generally limited to those that support our monastic community or projects sponsored by the four-fold sangha. Thanks for your understanding.

Please check to make sure you:

  • included relevant info in the subject line (eg. name/date/location of event)
  • composed the email exactly as you would like it to be forwarded
  • reminded people to share the message along, for instance with the line “Please share with your sanghas!”
  • indicated how folks can RSVP
  • signed your name and/or Dharma name at the end of the message.

If you want your message shared with the email list only, and not posted on this website, please let us know.

If you have a question or comment, please email Dylan: dylan [at] tweney dot com.