Dong Stick Qi Gong from Gary Gach

Well, this is to say my annual demonstration of Dong Stick Qi Gong* will take place Thursdays this month, 10:30–11:30pm.  Each session is essentially the same.

Aquatic Park Center
890 Beach Street
( across from Ghirardelli )
San Francisco 94109

[ F R E E ]

RSVP to FMitchell@SequoiaLiving.Org
( 415 ) 923.4485

19 & 49 Muni Bus Lines
Parking on Van Ness
& end of Beach

Please share this as the spirit moves. Note, this isn’t an event sponsored by the Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism but, rather, an initiative by a member of the Order of Interbeing.    

Thank you for your life !

Happy Interdependence Day !




Pronounced “chi gong,” qi gong is an internal process that has external movements. Qi means “life force,” the energy that powers our body and spirit. Gong means work or gather. Qi Gong together means “energy work,” a form of movement and mind using intention and mindfulness to guide and liberate energy.