Updated Sangha directory / in-person and online Sanghas

I have just posted the latest version of the NorCal sangha directory. Please share this with your sanghas — and with any friends looking for a sangha in the Plum Village tradition!

There are many updates in this version. And for the first time we have an “online only” section on the second page, for Bay Area-based sanghas that practice primarily online (currently: Sugarplum and Morning Birds).

Several people have been asking recently which sanghas in the Bay Area are offering in-person meetings. Here are a few that meet in person at least occasionally:

  • Heart Sangha (Santa Cruz)
  • Majestic Oak Sangha (Redwood City)
  • Buckeye Sangha (Berkeley)
  • Hella Just (Berkeley)
  • Wake Up SF (San Francisco)

There may be others; these are just the ones I’ve heard about in the Bay Area. Details and contact info are in the PDF, of course.

You can always find the latest version of this document online at: