Lazy Day of Mindfulness: Oct. 15 in San Mateo

Dylan, Nina, and Chloe would like to invite you to a Lazy Day of Mindfulness, outdoors in San Mateo’s Central Park, on Saturday, October 15, from 10am – 3:30pm+.

simple agenda and description is here. If you’re interested in attending, please put your name on the second page.

And if you’d like to facilitate something, please put your name on the agenda on the first page — or suggest an activity if it’s not already there. This will be a co-created space:  Exactly what happens will depend on who shows up.

What is a “lazy” day of mindfulness? This means we are holding the schedule loosely, so as to make this day as restful as it is mindful. Come late, leave early – it’s okay. 

See the linked document for more details and to sign up!