21-Day Workout: Sangha Body Building

Dear Respected Thay, Dear Community,

As a community of deeply caring and engaged people, a commonly heard struggle is how to keep stretching our bandwidth to an ever-increasing set of fundamental issues that urgently need attention, wise attention.  Our sangha practice provides a container, energy, support and collaboration to skillfully stretch our bandwidths.

Sugarplum Sangha wants to invite you to partake of any and all practices for our online offerings to bolster the mahasangha. This is our third 21 day retreat, held from June 7-28.

We chose the name during lighter times, “21 day workout: Sangha Body Building”.  In this moment, it seems so light hearted.  Our offering is to be able to go deep and maintain our grasp on joy/happiness, holding those in our two hands.

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Homeward Bound: Virtual Retreat May 22-25

an online Retreat with Sugarplum Sangha

May 22 – 25
online and at home
suggested donation: $25 -$100

Co-creating a retreat at home over Memorial Weekend and connecting with friends on the path in new and creative ways. In this online retreat, we’ll enjoy:

  • Core Plum Village practices including: sitting, walking, working and eating meditation.
  • Live dharma talks on bringing meditation to life at home and cultivating resilience to adversity
  • Dharma Sharing to learn from and support each other
  • Chanting and songs to enjoy voices in unison and touch deep aspiration
  • Interplay and art to share our insight creatively and spontaneously
  • Beginning Anew Bingo – a fun game to nourish relationships
  • Five Mindfulness Trainings Adventure to explore and embody the Bodhisattva path

The retreat will be a combination of practicing together online and going forth right away into our homes to apply what we learn to living with kindness and freedom during this time of social distancing. The practices are facilitated by Plum Village Dharma Teachers, Order of Interbeing members, and experienced Sugarplum Sangha practitioners.

For more information, see https://www.sugarplumsangha.org/homeward-info